The Ever Evolving Artist

The Ever Evolving Artist

I asked a musician friend of mine how does he feel when he is asked to keep going back and playing old songs? It was something that no one had asked him before. After a little thought his reply was that it was difficult.  So how do you keep giving the fans what they want, but you are constantly evolving? 

I feel the same way as a visual artist. Someone said to me that they preferred the abstract acrylics I used to do. It took all of my facial muscles to prevent my eyes from rolling back in my head. I watch other artists that pump out the same work for years and years. There is only so many paintings of naked people swimming underwater I can admire before I unfollow someone. 

These artists may have found their niche and perhaps they are very successful with their style but personally I find variety is the spice of life. As an artist I would loose my passion very quickly if the expectations from the public was to continue pushing out the same stuff day in and day out.   I am not saying that art doesn’t come from a place of inspiration for these repeat offenders but somehow when it becomes a production line of ‘same thing different painting’ surely some passion and heart is lost. 
The most amazing thing about creating is having the ability to paint the same subject in different mediums and getting very different results. When I allow my intuitive nature to flow into any project then it has no choice but to evolve. Sure, I have a run of things and then I move onto something else. Some may call it self sabotage, as it may appear that a project is becoming successful and I stop doing it. That I am always going to be the struggling artist if I constantly move the goal posts and confuse my admiring followers.

Here’s the thing. I always go back to most projects but when I do it’s with fresh eyes. I want to learn and expand and create with ever fiber of my being. When you reach the peak of your current skill set or have a create block, don’t stop there. Even the most beautiful pond will go stagnant without running water. You have to keep the flow going and the way I do that is to try something new or to revisit something old with new knowledge.

Diversity is the key to keeping my life force flowing. I recently read a blog about creatives which mentioned something extremely important ‘You don’t have to monetize your joy.’ My art room is literally exploding with ideas that I have not felt ready to or have not wanted to share with the world.

Heading back into a full time job or pumping out pet portraits would definitely ease the financial burdens I place on our family. However if I did that then a part of me would die and that scares me more than having no money. Anyone who has ever been through a traumatic experience knows that life takes on a very different perspective afterwards. Sure, things would be very different with a decent amount of cash in my bank account but would I have pushed my creative limitations if there was? Truthfully, probably not.

I love the ever evolving artist, she surprises me everyday. I get excited about whats next and wake up in the mornings with an indescribable joy in my heart. What part of my soul will awaken today bringing in higher levels of consciousness and inspiration. The unknown used to scare me, now I feel a growing excitement for change. 

Art means different things to different people. I choose to heal, expand and challenge myself through creative expression. Being in the space I find myself now, I appreciate the opportunities that have made me do the soul work.  Made me get uncomfortable and made me search for a deeper understanding of self.  Over the last nine years I have integrated this into every cell in my body and continue to do so. When that big opportunity knocks, and I never doubt that it will, it will not change the core of who I have become and it definitely will not stop the person I am meant to be.




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